Mayssa Al Ghawas

Mayssa Al Ghawas is a Furniture Designer, that focuses on creating Customized Pieces & Personal Spaces for Youth, & the youth at heart.

Studies in environmental therapy show a strong connection between people's feelings, success, stress levels, or health & the spaces they occupy. A rightly designed space can change a kid's confidence level or personality, or an adult's day after work. The space can ultimately become a haven, a place where they belong.

Mayssa is passionate about reflecting the clients' personalities, wishes & dreams all in one space.

Being a kid at heart, a former Art teacher, cartoonist and a children's books illustrator, Mayssa's work has distinctive youthfulness & whimsical touches.

She is the proud founder of PlayWorks & Mine Co. & a happy mother of three.

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PlayWork's Mission Statement

To make our clients feel special by providing them products tailored to their personalities & needs, AND exceeding their expectations in creativity, quality & service.
Feel you've got what it takes to join our team? We work on project bases & are always looking for good team members. We like hardworking, passionate, creative team members who always get the job done, & exceed our expectations! Does that sound like YOU? Are you a designer, accountant, project supervisor, front desk/ sales, personal assistant, mural artist, even suppliers or craftsmen please email us your details, you might be the member we're looking for!

My Purpose

My purpose in life is to live right, & to use my creativity, compassion & religion to inspire & empower youth to live right.
Our kids live their childhood once, help them live it right. If you share the same idea, cause or purpose, please email me your proposal on how we can join forces & make a difference.

-Mayssa AlGhawas

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